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Guangdong Tianbigao Sports Technology Co., Ltd

Guangdong Tianbigao Sports Technology Co., Ltd. is a diversified development enterprise integrating research and development of runway materials, product production, site construction, and sales of supporting products. It has an independent factory, 18 years of product development and production experience, has obtained a number of national patents and qualification certifications, and provides sports engineering integrated solutions. Based on the company's mature self-production and self-sales model, professional on-site construction team, and perfect after-sales service system, it can achieve unconditional on-site maintenance during the warranty period, and confirm and recharge according to construction progress. The quality of products and construction has been recognized by more than 300 primary and secondary schools, sports colleges and other public institutions in the country, and has obtained national first-level track certification and multiple second-level sports venue certifications.

Product range: The company has a complete range of products, specializing in sports supporting products such as rubber runways, plastic runways, artificial grass, epoxy floors, seine lights, sports equipment, fitness equipment and so on.

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